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Varied, adventurous & safe horse trekking in a unique & diverse natural surround with many different options to suit the beginner to the advanced.


You are in charge of steering your own horse as you ride up to the top of the hill with awesome views across the Waikato, where you will experience a safe, unique & adventurous horse treks in the varied stunning surrounds of native bush, streams, limestone rocks, and rolling farmland.

If you are feeling adventurous, they will take you on challenging tracks that let you discover just where a horse can go. They also have plenty of gentler tracks extending over 550 acres of beautiful countryside.

Glow worm and twilight rides offer a new level of riding.

You'll often see young horses & foals frolicking as well as cows, peacocks, turkeys, pheasants, rabbits, hares & birds as you ride along. With over 100 different tracks to choose from every trek is different, and allows them to cater for the very beginner to the advanced.

Choose from 1, 2, or 4 hour treks, or for a really special treat, try the 2hr twilight/glow worm rides.

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